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Hello to anyone visiting,

I was looking through some logs and noticed a few request for articles, tutorials and files that I had on the site previously. I removed these and decided to use a packaged CMS system instead of my custom built one. I apologize for this, I did some searching and found links and articles referring to my site, I have to admit it made me smile. I will be republishing the pages and files under a new category and placing redirects on the previous pages. Thank you for visiting and feel free to contact me if there is anything you need but don't find.


Webservice Return Msg

In the CustomerService webservice class CustCustomerService the update service doesn't return a value. This means any programming consuming this service can not wait for a return to verify the call was successful. The create service does return a value, so you can piggy back off this same methodology. It is possible this is corrected in more recent roll ups, as I believe my system is still on RU1.

Original Code - As you see there is no return value, thus no way to make your service monitor for success.
public void update(AifEntityKeyList _entityKeyList, CustCustomer _custCustomer)
this.updateList(_entityKeyList, _custCustomer);

Modified Code - Below I have changed the structure slightly to follow the create structure. I added a local copy of the method UpdateList from class AifDocumentService to the CustCustomerService class and change it slightly to return the aifEntityKeyList.
public AifEntityKeyList update(AifEntityKeyList _entityKeyList, CustCustomer _custCustomer)
return this.updateListReturn(_entityKeyList, _custCustomer);
Local modified AifDocumentService UpdateList method
protected AifEntityKeyList updateListReturn(AifEntityKeyList entityKeyList, AifDocument document)
    AifResult aifResult;
    AxdBase axdBase;
    AifEndpointActionPolicyInfo endpointActionPolicyInfo;

    if (entityKeyList == null)
        throw error(strfmt("@SYS91439", 'entityKeyList'));

    if (document == null)
        throw error(strfmt("@SYS91439", 'document'));

    axdBase = document.getAxdInstance();
    endpointActionPolicyInfo = this.getEndpointActionPolicy(document);


    constraintListCollection = new AifConstraintListCollection();

    aifResult = axdBase.updateList(entityKeyList, document.serialize(), endpointActionPolicyInfo, constraintListCollection);
    correlationEntityKeys = aifResult.parmEntityKeyList();

    return correlationEntityKeys;

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