Welcome to the Home Page of Asa Perry

Here you can find information about me, my curriculum vitae, and random projects I am, was, or should be working on.

Born: Jackson, TN
Currently: Scottsdale, AZ
College: Austin Peay State University
B. S. Computer Science and Information Systems
Minor: General Business
Graduated: May 2005

I have always had a interest in electronics, I started working on my first computer at 8 years old. My father was an electrical technician and from an early age taught me the fundamentals of computer science and electronics. I started programming in GW-BASIC and QBASIC at 10 and actively participated in bbs's.

My interest turned to hardware, networking, software, and support through my teen years and during my last years of high school I got back into programming and web technologies. College gave me a well rounded education and helped me develop a robust knowledge of many different areas of computer science and information systems.

I moved to Scottsdale, AZ a few years ago where I work as a Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 developer for a large corporation. Previously, I worked for Interstate Packaging in White Bluff, TN, where I was a system administrator. The company had been attempting to implement a new ERP system "Microsoft Dynamics AX "Axapta" 3.0" as an upgrade to their aging "Primac" ERP. I was the lead inhouse developer and helped them get back on track.

For the two years prior, I had worked as an operations manager of the customer relations and system administration departments for one of the worlds largest web hosting companies "Ecommerce Corp". I managed a staff of around 30 system administrators and technical support representatives in all daily operations and assisted with the administration, management and maintenance of their data center, housing over 500 servers.

Outside of my main job I work on software development, computer maintenance, repair, website design and maintenance I actively maintain a few websites and have many that are self sufficient. I am currently working on robotics development and artifical inteligence. When I am AFK I enjoy spluenking, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, golf, tennis, basically anything that involves being outdoors. I'm in the process of redesigning this website and plan to include more of my adventures, both involving computer science and my personal life. Thank you for visiting and please contact me, if there is anything I can do for you.