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The title may be somewhat of a lie, but it's a hell of an accomplishment to have synced that many accounts in a weekend. In total I have 107,000 accounts now synced and syncing future updates live.

I consider this a pretty big milestone, this is a system I have been working on for a very long time. Many 130+ hr/weeks and I had some home issues during the process, but here I am looking at the end of phase one.

MS Dynamics AX: Amazing internal ERP system, I've been programming this application for 5 years and love every minute of it.

Cast Iron Systems: Excellent mechanism for connecting disparent systems and just making complex stuff easy in general.

salesforce-logo.jpg While I personally would have built our system using enterprise portal to expose MS Dynamics, Salesforce is a very nice CRM system. Its' API is easy to work with and as the market leader in cloud CRM it is very well documented and robustly integrated.


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