Implementation - Frustration

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Wouldn't it be great if things went according to plan. All was running fantastic, better than could be expected or at least it seemed. Then I wake up from a power nap to find 9000 emails confirming what I expected to happen from the beginning, I had used more than the Salesforce api call limit, which they raised to 300k per 24 hours, but was still a fraction of what I needed. So I am dead in the water for 24 hours and will not be able to finish the contact sync. I am going to rescue the account sync by syncing only the remaining delta accounts, around 50k. I made some modifications to cut the api call usage further and now some fun scripting and I know which accounts are the deltas. I will have Dynamics AX dump out the xml files for these accounts shortly and then be ready to sync them as the api calls free up. I will batch them to complete the rest and will still end this process strong.

Assuming I can rescue accounts, I will handle contacts live but syncing batches each day. This will fix all the SFDC contacts, but the ax contacts will need to be synced up and that will be a little more complicated. Both will handle correctly if they are manually edited or used, but I will script the sync of the deltas over a few days.


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