MS Dynamics AX Integration Using Castiron

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Yeah I know, its the longest title I could possible come up with. For the last 9+ months I have been working, in addition to my normal MS Dynamics developer position, on a project to integrate MS Dynamics AX with I have been developing this primarily using an integration appliance from Cast Iron Systems. This project was originally slated to take a month, maybe a few, but never going on a year. The primary problems lie in what was trying to be accomplished, lack of planning and physical limitations of the systems, but the project is working great thus far aside from the time line disaster and will soon be finished. I have plans to document many of the problems/hurdles I have run into. It maybe a slow process as the integration is just finally starting to be released into production, but this maybe of assistance to any integration into MS Dynamics. This has been the largest project I have ever been the Lead and well only developer working on for its entirety and I am proud of where it has come to this point.

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